“No Man Shall Protect Us” Feminískt sjálfsvarnarbíó // Feminist self-defence movie night

We invite you to the feminist self-defence movie night brought to you by Slagtog and Q – the queer student accosiation. The evening will begin with the screening of the movie „No Man Shall Protect Us: The Hidden History of the Suffragette Bodyguards”. This event is a fundraiser for Slagtog to fund the teaching materials for Slagtog’s feminist self-denfence. At the event there will be: Afghan vegan food, an inspiring movie, cool merch and tough feminists.

Discussion circle: Anti-feminist backlashes

This coming Wednesday ( 27th of May), Slagtog will provide a space for discussing anti-feminist backlashes and attacks that feminists all around the globe are subjected to. We want to discuss the anti-feminist backlashes feminist movements around the world are facing. We want to share stories about the different forms of attacks that these backlashes encourage, and share strategies to defend ourselves from them.