Discussion circle: Anti-feminist backlashes

ATTENTION: Cis-men are asked not to attend this event. It is meant for women (trans, cis, and/or intersex alike) and trans people only.
The venue, Friðarhúsið, is partly accessible with a small ramp to get inside the building and a stair elevator to access the main space. The toilet is accessible to standard sizes of wheel chairs.
If you require or would like a sign language interpreter present, we kindly ask you to let the organisers know 48 hours in advance so that it can be arranged.

This coming Wednesday ( 27th of May), Slagtog will provide a space for discussing anti-feminist backlashes and attacks that feminists all around the globe are subjected to.
We want to discuss the anti-feminist backlashes feminist movements around the world are facing. We want to share stories about the different forms of attacks that these backlashes encourage, and share strategies to defend ourselves from them.
The discussion will be shaped by the people present, as the contexts differ from place to place (from Iceland, to Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and Malawi etc.. but also from the classroom, to parties with friends to family dinners etc… )
These attacks are public and personal, they happen online, in the street and in our home. We have to defend ourselves against them emotionally, verbally, psychologically and often physically.
The event will go something like this:
-Introduction: Name, pronoun, emotional status (if wanted), what one’s feminism is like and whatever else you want to say about yourself.
-Movement game Discussion I: What kind of anti-feminist attacks exist in our different contexts?
– Movement game -Discussion II: How have we and can we defend ourselves from the attacks mentioned in discussion I?
-Final round: reflection, feedback and expression of any emotions experienced after the discussions.
At the end of the session, we will spend some time having drinks, chatting about whatever and listening to some feminist beats 🌹🎺
NOTE: Please don’t panic about the movement games. They will be accessible for all and no one is obligated to take part in them. We in Slagtog it is important and nice to engaging the body in feminist spaces, but we also like to have a little bit fun especially when talking about subjects that can be very heavy. It can also help people to stay focused on a discussion over a longer period of time.