Slagtog is a queer- and women-led feminist non-profit organisation working in the field of primary prevention of gender-based violence in Iceland. The work is structured around teaching and developing feminist self-defence.
Feminist Self-Defense (FSD) is a physical expression of women's self-determination, an embodiment of feminist politics, and a means of expressing personal and political power all at once.
The group meets around once a month for a reading circle and emotional support. In these meetings, they share news about other projects, talk about current cases of survivors of gender-based violence, organise support events, talk about our emotional states and wellbeing, and share feminist readings on intersectionality, inclusion and social equality
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FSD provides its participants with a safer space to reflect on their experiences of sexism and violence, develop prevention strategies, and learn and test verbal and physical defence techniques to provide them with choices when faced with discrimination and violence. FSD focuses on a holistic approach to violence and self-defence. FSD is an innovation in Iceland, as it is pretty much impossible to attend any classes or material on FSD here.