November Weekend Workshop

💥Slagtog is hosting a weekend workshop in feminist self defense.

⚧ For who? The workshop is only open to women and trans people.

📌Where? Dansverkstæðið, Hjarðarhagi 47, 107 Reykjavík.
📆 When? The dates is 26.-27. November
⏱What time? From 09:45 to 17:00, both Saturday and Sunday.
💰How much? Confirmation fee is 5000 kr.
Participants then pay additional amount that fits their financial capacity:
2500 kr, 5000 kr or 10.000 kr.
🏋🏽‍♀️ Do I need to be super fit? The workshop is accessible to everyone irrelevant of physical shape. No prior experience in fitness, martial arts or self defense is needed.
✉️To sign up send an e-mail to with your name, pronouns, date of the workshop you want to sign up for and transfer the confirmation fee to account: 0133-26-200760, kt: 570919-1050. 
⛔️Last day to sign up is Wednesday 23rd of November.
❓Feminist self defense takes into account the entire continuum of violence against women and trans people.
In the workshop we will:
– provide tools to counter not only physical attacks but also discrimination, harassment and microaggressions, including by intimates and acquaintances;
– provide a broad range of mental, emotional, verbal and physical tools to resist violence and discrimination;
– focus on the embodiment of power;
– decrease our fear and anger,
– work on strengthening our self-image, body image and self-efficacy,
– deconstruct myths around gender based violence and women’s capabilities.