What is Slagtog?

Slagtog is a queer- and women-led feminist organisation working in the field of primary prevention of gender-based violence in Iceland. The work is structured around teaching and developing feminist self-defence. Slagtog was founded in April 2019 and registered as a formal organisation on 30 June 2019.

Slagtog’s areas of activity include reading circles, physical training, verbal and psychological training sessions, and emotional support circles. The organisation’s aim is to expand and work further with other youth organisations, social centers and schools by promoting and teaching feminist self-defence as a way to empower young women and queer people.

An important value of Slagtog is celebrating what the body can do as well as all the beautiful shapes and ways bodies in our world have. Slagtog’s main activity is hosting workshops in feminist self-defence for women and queer people. Slagtog aims to create a safer space to explore physical fighting and training for people who may not feel comfortable in traditional training environments, particularly women, survivors of trauma and assault and members of the LGBTQ+ community.

Slagtog has six unpaid staff members. These members take care of all activity organising. Currently these six members are partaking in a training of trainers program co-organised with Belgian feminist organisation Garance and funded by the Erasmus + .