Who is Slagtog?

Anna (she/her) – born in Poland 1992, living in Iceland since 2016, theorist of culture, culture manager, author of critical texts, interviews, and podcasts. Exploring all of the essential jobs dedicated to the migrant workforce, in 2018 started organizing workers in radical unions. In years 2018-2020 was holding positions in the boards of main institutions of the ‘labour movement’ in Iceland (Alþýðusamband Íslands, Efling stéttarfélag), for three semesters worked as a teacher in the after-school program, currently working in the care sector. Living in-between languages, using knowledge of Polish to try to understand and explore other Slavic languages, works in English (also as a translator), and Icelandic. For Anna, feminist self-defense is a set of skills that we can pass to the people we care for, so they can protect themselves in everyday life, in their homes, at school, at work, giving them the opportunity to grow, socialize, speak up, empower, be independent, be themselves, fight for their rights. In a world where no institutions and systems are willing to protect us, we have to organize and act in solidarity against violence. Kiedy państwo mnie nie chroni, moje siostry będę bronić.
E-mail: anna@slagtog.org

Elínborg (they/she/he), who also goes by Elí, is a 27 years old queer living in Reykjavík and works part time in a specialised social center for teenagers. After obtaining a bachelor degree in philosophy they decided that it was time to start studying to become an electrician. Elí has spent most of their life in Iceland, although they have also lived in France, California and Germany and had the privilege of learning English, French and some German through life in these places. Elí became interested in feminist self-defense after having read the book “No means no” by Irene Zeilinger. Getting to know feiminst self-defense through reading and later through practicing it with Irene Zeilinger’s organisation, Garance, proved to be the missing link connecting real life to Elí’s theoretical framework on self-determination, autonomy and feminism. Elí’s interest conserning feminist self-defense is mainly towards queering feminist self-defense and developing ways to bring feminist self-defense to the diverese queer communities, but feminist self-defense was developed by women and has mainly been taught by and for women. Elí is also interested in feminist self-defense for children, teens and youth.
E-mail: eli@slagtog.org

Mariam (she/her) originally from south Spain, moved to Iceland in march 2016. She is 28 years old, currently based in Reykjavík, working in the care sector and being a creative and organizer in her spare time. She studied Social work, volunteered in the fields of alternative education and social change, have co-organized in grassroot organizations and is nowadays working on the building of a cooperative. She speaks Spanish, English and Icelandic.After being radicalized by life experiences she decided to not just hope for change but organize for it. That, along with being in FSD trainings with other organizers and friends, lead her to Slagtog. Under her understanding the more the violence gets normalized the more radical the response to it should grow. FSD is not just a quick in the groin, is giving the tools and strategies (physically and psychologically, with solidarity, critical thinking and empowerment) to those who most likely were taught they didn’t have any, to those most oppressed by the system and a normative society.Mariam holds a genuine interest in everything that revolves around FSD, although her main focus is in the development of emotional and psychological strategies, as well as in feminist self-defence for youth and the building of support groups. “El estado opresor es un macho violador” Sororidad hermana, no estás sola y fuertes somos todas.
E-mail: mariam@slagtog.org

Zahra (she/her) is 32 years old woman, living in Reykjavik, and working as a kindergarten teacher. She has a bachelor’s degree in the German Language. At the moment she is studying the Icelandic language at the University of Iceland. She is from Afghanistan, she also lived in Iran, Pakistan, and currently in Iceland. She speaks Persian, English, German, and Icelandic. She was interested in feminist self-defense after she took part in a self-defense training in Iceland.
e-mail: zahra@slagtog.org