News letter °1

Hey everyone! This is Slagtog’s first newsletter! We hope the group will grow bigger as we grow as an organisation and movement.

To brief you shortly in case you aren’t familiar with Slagtog: Slagtog is a feminist organization who’s main objective is to develop and teach feminist self-defense to women and queer people. We aim to send a newsletters fairly regularly. Please let us know if you would like to be removed from the mailing list. You are also welcome to send us a line if you feel it’s missing some useful information or would like to highlight something (a feminist event f.ex) in our next newsletter.

What’s been happening? 

This summer, five trainers  from Slagtog completed the first part of training of trainers (ToT) in feminist self-defense. The trainers program is organized and taught by Irene Zeilinger, who has over 25 years of experience teaching feminist self-defense, and lead Garance, and Belgian NGO which serves in many ways as a rolemodel for Slagtog. The training of trainers is funded by Erasmus+ program. In addition to the trainers from Slagtog, five trainers from Romania took part in the training. The training lasted for two consecutive weeks. During that time we studied, taught and learned from each other, trained, meditated, laughed and chatted from nine in the morning to seven-eight in the evening. 

Preparations for the second part of the ToT are in full swing and it will take place in Romania during the second half of December. 

Slagtog officially launched its webpage, which is still needs loads of work but at least it is up and running so you can get information about our trainers, feminist self-defense in general and Slagtog as an association. So far, the website is in English only. 

We also created an Instagram account, which we recommend you follow if you use social media! @ fsd.slagtog 

In terms of training for the general public Slagtog has only hosted one 3-hour introductory workshop in feminist self-defense this fall. The workshop was fully booked and took place in a space run by Stelpur Rokka!

What’s going on? 

We have a lot brewing but only a few things are quite ready to be devoured. Currently we are quite busy planning new trainings, setting up our webpage, organizing the ToT and related trips abroad. We are also starting to establish our network here in Iceland with other feminist and queer organisations. If you or someone you know would like an introduction from Slagtog about the organization and feminist self-defense, please write to us at !

Upcoming work-shops

Sunday, October 3, 13:00-15: 00, in collaboration with Q-félagið: Verbal self-defense for queer folx, 2 hours. 

Tuesday, October 26, 18:00-20:00: Basic workshop in feminist self-defense, 2 hours. 

Saturday, November 13 14:00-17:00 in collaboration with W.O.M.E.N.: Basic course in feminist self-defense for women of foreign origin, 3 hours. 

There is one more training due in november but precise date hasn’t been finalised yet. Stay tuned by following our Instagram and our website. 

Other feminist events around

Covid is still thriving, but life is slowly moving again and events are being held. Here are a few coming up in October:

On Saturday, October 2, the organization Her Voice will host a very important and ambitious conference on the health of women of foreign origin. 

Registration in the autumn program of Girls Rock! has begun, but the autumn semester begins on October 4 and ends on December 10. Girls Rock! offer free Friday workshops, open houses, rock escorts for adults and much more. 

Tabú is hosting a peer education for disabled people. The next course starts on october 6th. Registration ended on september 20th but keep an eye on their website for more to come.

We would like to remind you of the regular support groups of Samtökin ’78 for different minorities within the LGBTQIA+ community.